A Digital Ritual. An Artificial Catharsis (2011/2021) the series first created by image degradation in 2011 was revisited and featured in TRANSIENT June 2021 at @t.ransienttt Virtual Residency Programme.

'As we are inevitably merging with technology, we go beyond the bodily - our Selves extend freely yearning to be liberated. '
once watched we developed a need to be watched
a pathology of a kind
from the earliest moments we are being watched
and through those eyes we learn about ourselves
how we feel, who we are
we observe others observing us
we start to feel the need to be watched
to be seen
to be noticed 
to be listened
to learn ourselves
becoming transparent
becoming ghosts
we invited this entity into our lives
to capture
the moments that were free flowing
to remember
the moment when something was ours
to hold on to something
what was once sacred
now becomes exploited
moments that made our hearts flinch
her on the screen 
belongs to the other
early in my childhood I began expecting
the moments of joyous excitement
whenever I saw the camera
as if it was supposed to create those moments
make everything magical again
but further along the frames became empty
filled with silence and questions
when I can see myself again
that smiling familiar face up on the screen
a habit
a prosthetic identity
above a computer screen was a bling eye of a webcam
that became my new observer
a non entity, made to patiently watch and listen
a gentle eye of my lover
a mirror I could see myself through
a window to 
my very own tormented narrative
so I can continue this strange ritual of self-imposed surveillance