Dark to Light (2015) was an auto-ethnographic, self-directed, video project created for Interdisciplinary Studio Practice at University of Aberystwyth where I focused mostly on meaning-making/thinking-through-making practises.
My work in video began with the exploration of sleep as a portal into the unconscious. I have crated a series of videos, fluctuating between two spaces - the studio and the sea. The studio was a space inhabiting the past with feelings of scrutiny and melancholy. And the sea, woven recently into my existence, became an omnipresent force summoning a recurrence of the Shadow.
​​​​​​"The self appears in dreams, myths, and fairytales in the figure of the ‘supraordinate personality'.(...) It can also appear as a united duality.(...) Empirically, therefore, the self appears as a play of light and shadow, although conceived as a totality and unity in which the opposites are united." – from Definitions, Psychological Types, Collected Works by C.G. Jung v.  6, par. 790
Connecting the Dots (2014) was a starting point of the project - a quest without a set destination. As the lines appeared they felt like itching cuts on my skin but as masochistic as this process was the marks left were only temporary. And all I could do was to record them as they appeared. 

How to be Immortal (15ft long scroll) was a sigil, a calling to my inner Self for a type of guidance, a sensemaking ability. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​