Mirror_gazing (2020) 
Me and The Cover Girl (2017) emerged from social media accounting, a persona, a product of overload and frustration.
Loner, Galatea Complex and Into Ghosts (2017) in a triptych are an expression of Lola Lovesick, a caricature of, an expression of unrequited feelings - separate from my everyday rationale, she stays maintained, hidden and functions as a power source for creative inspiration.
Virgo (2015) repulsed by her weak feminine representation, often masquerades as a masculine and wise hermit - constantly searching, longing for purpose, seeking the divine, yearning to be finished...
Unnecessary Spine (2015) is a summoning to the correlation between a need to suppress the feelings of guilt and a need for punishment in a masochistic form of exposing oneself as a victim. With my collar bones sticking out and morals upside down, these were the times of a dark craft and a self-fulfilling prophecy.
The Head (35mm, 2015). Identity craving and hollow eyes.