sorry (2023), - min
Sorry is an (un)apologetic project about sadness. The Head, the main character as well as a personal caricature, takes itself for a day out and about in London.​​​​​​​
Music, Sunshine by Joshua Perrett; camerawoman, Freyja Pakarinen; other accompanying persons, Laurence McManus and P.S.
Sorry/The Head was a project that began with an afternoon activity of creating a papier mâché head which very soon gained its own presence in my life. As something abandoned, in the way, unnamed and unfinalised. It was through personal reflection of its inception, the time, false attempts and other people involved in this process that made me finalise it. The completion of the project with accompanying reflection was framed by a self-directed final project for Accompanying Creative Expressive Processes a part of the MA Art Therapy course at University Ignatianum in Krakow, Poland. This consisted of editing the footage and reflection which was contextualised in auto-therapeutic value of the process of the full project.